As the Eel Grass sways under our kayaks... Silver River July 12, 2015

As we paddled the Silver River today Mother Nature's creations were evident. The Scarlet Hibiscus and Cardinal Flower are the brilliant reds on the river now and the purple Pickerel Weed throws a beautiful contrast to them both. We saw the native Florida Limpkin, the "snake bird" Anhinga with her long skinny neck and pointed beak and lots of immature Wood Ducks. We spied a Brown Water Snake sunning on the tree roots and got to see Moorhens, Green Herons, the Little Blue Heron in the calico phase and Turtles big and small. Five newborn Gators were sitting on a log together and had more yellow on them then black. We stopped for a bit and had a nice lunch break then drifted back in the clear flowing water with the Eel Grass swaying under our kayaks. It was a beautiful day to be on the river!

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