Vacationing on Florida's Spring Fed Runs May 7, 2014

These 2 have decided to brave 3 rivers with us and we are all about it! This being their first tour, we're off to paddle Rock Springs Run and Extreme Emerald Cut! The Apple Snails that live here have gone wild and we saw eggs so fresh they were orange. The Spider Lilies are starting to come out, the purple Pickerel Weed and white Water Hemlock are popping out too. We saw some Red-bellied Turtles, River and Common Cooter Turtles and a few Alligators were also sunning on the logs. On the way to Emerald Cut we got to see 4 Swallow-tailed Kites soaring above. As we made it about 1/2 way up a big tree blocked our way...up and over and we were back on track. There were a few more trees but no worries... Dennis and Kathleen... they are real troopers!

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