The Villages "Ricochet Tribe" kayaking Blackwater Lake, August 13, 2013

Just let me say this right off the bat, these ladies are real troopers! We had a blast kayaking on Blackwater Lake with them. They went from having none (or very little) experience, to full on Explorers in no time and therefore earned the name the Ricochet Tribe ;-). There was so much to see, these cypress trees are a mind boggling thing and the more you look, the more you find. The Pickerel Weed is still in bloom and it's good to see the Apple Snails are laying their eggs. There were lots of Swallow tailed Butterflies and in the mix of Quill Leaf and Air plants, we even found Greenfly and Butterfly Orchids. It's truly a beautiful place to paddle.


Anonymous said...

We had the best time ever yesterday and plan to return in the near future


Chris said...

Jenny and Kenny,

We had a great day! We are all talking about doing this again. Thanks for being such great guides and teachers. You were very patient with us as we bumped into each other and got caught on branches and ran into bushes. We loved every minute of it.

The pictures are great. I checked out the website and those pictures are wonderful. Loved your comment.

Talk to you soon.

Travel Coordinator - Tribe Ricochet

Judy King said...

Jenny and Kenny,
It was my first time ever in a Kayak. Even though I thought my Kayak was "possessed" at time, not sure how I ended up in the trees, but I had the best time, you made the trip so easy for me.