The mighty St Johns River March 25, 2014

There were many birds out today on the mighty St Johns. The Tri-colored Heron, Snowy and Great Egrets are all fluffed up with Spring feathers. The Great Blue Herons are sitting on the nests and 1 nest now has 2 new chicks in it. The Purple Gallinule were running in and out of the Spatterdock and there were 3 Bald Eagles overhead chasing each other around. On the way up Snake Creek we got to see lots of small Alligators and Turtles. The young Barred Owl is now out of the nest, sitting at the base of the Pop Ash Tree with his Mom and Sister watching from above. We had a little bit of a breeze and on the way back the sun came out to warm things up for us. Today was a great day for Mother Nature's Son!  

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