Sophie's Happy Birthday Kayak Tour August 1, 2014

An early morning launch kicked August off to a great start. The river was calm as we headed up the shady shoreline of the St Johns. We spotted a large Swamp Hibiscus that was right next to the river and swimming in front of us were a few large Alligators. As we headed up the spring run the water turned crystal clear with hundreds of fish just below. There were some really big Long-nosed Gar and others like Tilapia, Mullet, Catfish, Bream, Bass and Sunfish. Then it was off to Snake Creek where we got to paddle in the flood plain of the swamps. It was nice and shady, peaceful and quiet. On the way back we had the wind behind us and the current pushing us as we drifted along. Kickin' it on the St Johns is a great way to celebrate a birthday!

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