Kayaking through the trees of Snake Creek Jan. 19, 2015

The St Johns River is a Birder's paradise. Our adventurous day of wildlife started with a stand off between a Gray Squirrel and a Northern Harrier who were only about 3 feet from each other with that Squirrel telling that Harrier who the boss was. Then we spotted the Osprey, Bald Eagle and Red-shouldered Hawks. A Limpkin made a short appearance and the Purple Gallinule came out a few times to greet us. Moorhens, American Coots, Eastern Phoebes, Blue Gray Gnatcatchers and Pileated Woodpeckers were hanging out with us too. We came up on a flock of Wild Turkeys with one all puffed up and you could see his colors; pink, copper, green, red, brown and blue. It was an amazing sight. The Manatees also came over to see what we were up to and the Black Crowned Night Heron was showing off her youngster. The other Herons were out feeding also, Great and Little Blues, Great Egrets, White and Glossy Ibis, Sandhill Cranes, Anhingas and Cormorants were all present and accounted for and as we paddled through the trees of Snake Creek we got to see the Barred Owl. It was a perfectly calm beautiful 70 degree day and just a great time with the river and her wildlife.

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TB posted:
Thanks for a great trip. I had never seen a manatee, a purple gallinule, or a limpkin before!