Paddling Blue Springs with the Manatees November 7, 2013

As we paddled the St Johns River toward the spring, the Bald Eagle showed up as if to welcome us to his river. The more you look the more you see. The White Ibis, Great Blue Herons and Little Blue Herons in the white phase, Snowy Egrets, Anhingas and Cormorants were all present and accounted for...there were a few Slider Turtles out sunning and inside the spring the Gar Fish, Tarpon, Bass, Bream and Tilapia were all hanging out. Then we saw the Manatees. One came right up to Nicholas' kayak and gave him a smile. We got there early enough to paddle over the spring head where the water is like a blue grotto. The Climbing Astor is starting to bloom and the Milkweed is in full bloom. The Spanish Moss decorates the trees along the river bank and the Cypress Trees are starting to turn their Florida Fall orange. Autumn is here and thankfully the Manatees have made it too ;-).  

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Claire said...

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for the wonderful pictures! Patrick, the kids and i had an amazing time. We feel lucky to have seen this beautiful side of Florida. Ken was wonderful and very knowledgable and we plan to contact you guys again in future, hopefully for a longer trip.

We will definitely leave feedback on Trip Advisor. Thanks again for a wonderful time.