Kayaking with the Florida Gators July 9, 2013

You see that gator over there?

You said there's a gator over there?

I see that gator over there!

From up north, across the pond and right here, we all gathered to head out on our kayaking excursion on Rock Springs Run. At the big hole we spotted a Gator sunning on a log, no worries, he laid right there, watched us all go by as if we were paddling in his yard (well, really we are in his yard ;-) and we were on to the next thing. Then there was the Soft Shell Turtle sitting with the River Cooter, that was a surprise. As we paddled to the sand bar, it started to get a bit warm, ahhh, the jumping tree! A nice dip in the cool water and a picnic on the river bank, that's what padding with Florida's Gators is all about!

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Chris and Wendy said...

Wonderful trip. Family had a blast. Will be back next year