Kayaking Florida's Rock Springs Run October 17, 2013

Today was a great day to be on the river. It's October and still a little warm in the afternoons so Rock Springs Run's 72 degrees is a nice treat from the heat. As we paddled toward the snail flats, the Great Blue Heron put on a show. The White Ibis, River Cooter Turtles, Giant Swallowtail and Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies all decorated the river for us. The bright yellow blooms of the Primrose will be here throughout the Winter and the jumping tree is always great fun. We decided to take a short trip up Emerald Cut and enjoy the peace and quiet of the river as we floated back down.


Anna, Bryan, Max, and Julia said...

Hi Jenny and Kenny,

We want to send a huge thank you for the wonderful time we got to spend with you on the river this morning.

All four of us was talking about how much fun we had on the way home, in a very different and wonderfully warm way from going to the amusement parks etc.

Also, thank you for being patient with Max and his big personality :)

We look forward to coming back next year!

Kind regards,
Anna, Bryan, Max, and Julia

Phil said...

Dillon and I had a blast. Dillon said it was way better than any theme park, and if he ever needs to get away, he knows where he can go to give his brain a rest.