A cool paddle on the Silver River 2nd November 2014

The photos below are some that Andrew took and shared with us. Thanks Andrew!!

The first cold snap of Fall and it was forecast to be 37 degrees in Ocala. A late launch was definitely the hot setup today. Andrew and Mark being from the UK seemed to be quite comfortable in their shorts while Pam, Linda and I were a bit overdressed in Arctic garb ;-). There were lots of birds out today, Little Blue Herons, White Ibis, Anhingas, Limpkins, Grebes, Cormorants, Moorhens and we got to see Black and Yellow-crowned Night Herons too. All the trees are turning their Fall colors now. The Mother Gator and Babies were out sunning along with the Yellow and Red-bellied Turtles. We stopped, ate our lunch and stretched our legs a bit and as we drifted downstream we came up on the World Famous Silver River Monkeys. There must have been a dozen of them and they are such a hoot to watch! It was a nice cool day and a really cool paddling trip!  

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The Boyd's said...

Andrew posted:
Hi Jenny,

I just wanted to say a huge thanks from myself and Mark for a wonderful day yesterday at Silver Springs. Kenny was wonderful. So knowledgeable and superb tour guide, we had an incredible time. I took a few photos and Kenny said if any were any good you may like to see them, so I have added a few of my favorites.
Thanks once again for showing us the true beauty of Florida.