A celebration of life June 2, 2014

It was a great day for a morning paddle on the Wekiva River and an awesome place to celebrate Sheila's birthday! The trees gave us some nice shade and provided a great windbreak too. We got to see some Limpkins out rooting around for Apple Snails and Freshwater Muscles. The Great Blue Heron youngsters are fresh out of the nest and learning about life and a Moorhen was feeding on the Duckweed with her 3 new baby chicks, they are so funny to watch. There were Ospreys flying overhead scouting the river for a little breakfast and you could hear the Hawks in the background too. The water is a bit high from the recent rains and the Eel Grass is busy sending up it's blossom shoots for the Dragon and Damsel Flies to find. It's good stuff watching the seasons change on the river.  

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