Vacation paddling on Rock Springs Run April 3, 2013

Steve and Lindsey came down from SC to hang out in the Orlando area. Just off the beaten path is Rock Springs Run, a beautiful place to paddle. It's the epitome of Florida, you get to bump out, into nature and glide down the river. This trip they saw the Turtles out sunning, a few Gators, White Ibis and their young, the Limpkin was rooting around, then out came a beautiful Tri-colored Heron, showing off his breeding plumage. At the very end of the tour a few Goobers showed themselves ;-). Life is good!

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Steve and Lindsey said...

we had a wonderful time with Kenny. He taught us a ton about the river and all of the animals / plants that it supports. all in all it was a great adventure and really enjoyed it. We'll be sure to recommend you guys to our friends who visit the area and we'll be sure to look you up next time we're in florida.

Thanks for a great day:

Steve and Lindsey.