Champion Prep Academy goes to the river 10-19-12

The students of Champion Preparatory Academy joined Kenny and Randall for a morning on the Wekiva River. What a great way to learn about Nature and what an enjoyable group to help teach it to ;-). Thanks for choosing Central Florida Nature Adventures, LLC!

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Mrs. Sylvia Garcia, Champion Preparatory Academy said...

Dear Jenny,

Thank you so much for the pictures. The students and I enjoyed our kayak tour very much. We really appreciate your forethought in all the necessary details to have a successful trip (mosquito repellant, suntan lotion, hats, etc.) Some of our students, who were not able to attend this time, are looking forward to our kayaking trip next year. Thanks again for making this trip possible. Blessings in everything you do!


Mrs. Sylvia Garcia
Champion Preparatory Academy