March 4th, 2011 Springtime on the Elfin River aka Dora Canal

Mary Buckwalter, Walker and Ann Uhlhorn, Kathleen Nordo and Carole Bruno toured the Elfin River on 3/4/11. Walter had a hitchhiker most of the way (green lizard (before he camouflaged himself to the cord), green kayak...makes sense to me!) The Wood Sorrell is in bloom, the birds are out fishing & nesting and the foliage is Springtime green!


Mary said...

Really nice pictures of today's paddle. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. The birds were amazing. I'll be back for a 4th time.

Kathleen Nardo said...

Thank you so much, Jenny, for the photos---we had a great time with you and the group----what a wonderful day! We hope to have another tour with you---maybe on the Silver River-- and we'll definitely recommend you to friends!

Ann Uhlhorn said...

Dear Jennifer and Kenny,

Walker and I had a marvelous time with you all on Friday. My arms were a little tired yesterday when we played golf but there's always an excuse for bad golf - that was mine. Thank you for the pictures! Our daughters were impressed and posted them on Facebook immediately.