Champion Preparatory Academy's Wekiva River Tour 10-28-11

We don't usually start our tours in the rain but the group vote said "Let's do this". So with ponchos on Melody, Andrew, Josue, Andre, Christopher, Billy, Anna, Mrs. Garcia, Mr. Moreland, Kenny, Wayne and I took to the river. As we paddled, the rain got lighter and we shucked our ponchos. A few times the sun even came out for us. The animals greeted us along the way and all in all it was a great time on the river!!

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Mrs. Sylvia Garcia said...

Dear Jenny,

Thank you so much for the pictures. They look awesome. We had such a great time. You guys were terrific!! Thanks again for a great time and the pictures. We will definitely pass the word around.

Blessings in your business and your future.


Mrs. Sylvia Garcia