The Wild Wekiva River July 24th, 2010

Jack and Pam brought their long boats and paddled with Kelly, Maria, Amy, Johanna and Gail for a nice morning tour of the Wekiva River. As they sometimes do, the rains came and cooled things down and the sky was Florida Summer Blue!

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Pam Yonge said...

Jenny (and Ken too!) – it was great fun and WE thank YOU!!! We went back to the Grandview and told Patti & Gordie how much we enjoyed it and that they should certainly recommend you to their guests. By separate e mail I’ll forward the website for that fella I was telling you about from High Springs – you all would really enjoy sharing ‘guiding’ stories I bet! :>) Don’t talk about me!! Again – our thanks and hope to see you on the water again!! pam