Blackwater Lake on March 28th, 2010

Wilson, Denyse and Belinda paddled Blackwater Lake on Sunday.
The water level is up and the run is lots of fun!


Belinda Boulter said...

Thanks, Jenny! I really enjoyed it too. I put some of your brochures in the office here at Quest Air Soaring Center, and I've posted the photo with your website links on my Facebook page. I'd love to go with you again, and maybe I can
get some other folks interested.
Best to you and Kenny,

Belinda Boulter said...

Kenny was a friendly and knowledgeable guide, very attentive to the first-time paddlers in our group, and ready with plenty of local and wildlife lore for the more experienced ones. I really appreciated his attention to detail. Blackwater Creek was a peaceful and magical place for a morning's exploration, and I'm sure it would repay repeat visits.

Best wishes,